About Kakadu Turf


Why should I choose Kakadu Soft Buffalo?

  Best winter colour
  Best shade tolerance
  Low allergy
  Softest under foot

  Fast recovery
  Fine leaf
  Easiest Buffalo to look after

Kakadu Turf is Australia's best all-round buffalo turf, naturally bred in the field, not in a laboratory. Designed to be both hard wearing and soft to the touch, this turf variety is an exceptional lawn for Australian conditions, maintaining its colour all year round.

As a soft-leaf buffalo, Kakadu Turf has a beautiful soft texture, yet is extremely durable with a high wear tolerance, making it the perfect choice for families with children and pets.

Known for its high drought tolerance, Kakadu Turf also has fantastic salt tolerance properties, meaning it can also thrive at the beachfront. In addition, Kakadu Turf can survive and grow in low temperature areas or up to 80% shade - it is the most versatile and adaptable turf on the market, and the most shade tolerant warm season grass available in Australia.

Due to its dwarf growth characteristics, Kakadu Turf can be mowed lower than other common coarse varieties of Buffalo grass. It requires less water, and its thick thatch is also highly weed resistant, ensuring you a very low maintenance lawn.

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