Care & Maintenance



Kakadu Turf is a low maintenance grass that is relatively slow growing, therefore only requiring minimal mowing.

Due to its dwarf growth characteristics, Kakadu can be mown lower than other common coarse varieties of Buffalo grass. The recommended mowing height is 4cm, using a rotary or cylinder mower with sharp, correctly adjusted blades, whenever required.


As a highly adaptable and versatile turf, the Kakadu variety can tolerate the harsh Australian sun and climate, from dry drought conditions to salty soil types.

Kakadu requires less water once established but in the early stages, just after laying, it is highly recommended to water deeply every day for the first two weeks in the warmer months and a little less in the cooler months.


It is advised to apply a slow release fertiliser at time of laying your Kakadu Turf.

Regular fertilising is recommended every three months to maintain the best looking lawn, preferably during more moderate temperatures, using any premium lawn builder such as dynamic lifter.

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